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10 or so minutes into the film…

Olivia: Is that lens flare or an alien?
Brian: It’s a J.J. Abrams film.
Olivia: So there will be nothing aside from lens flare until the last ten minutes?

Anecdotally*, there’s been a lot of grousing, kvetching and general complaining from men who have been to see and have subsequently been disgusted by Bridesmaids. Without getting into an epic rant about gender politics, I do have to wonder: have the guys who disliked Bridesmaids ever had an emotionally intimate relationship with a woman? Because there is a very sharp divide on that basis between the men I know who liked** and disliked it***.

* Or, if a single source would suffice, the Mark Kermode Film Review.

** For the record, I thought it was witty, sweet, painful and so much better than its competition by actually being about something, someone, and having the confidence to take a break from the yucks and giggles from time to time to have quiet moments of frustration and frazzlement.

*** Those who disliked it and enjoyed The Hangover and or obnoxious stoner brah! movies will be going to a special sort of hell if I ever get any cosmic say in matters final. I may have to console myself with the knowledge that they will never have sex.

Captain America: The First Avenger is Titanic for boys. Think about it: a period piece book-ended by modern-day segments in which a young man is desperate to cross the Atlantic and make something of himself. On the way, he meets someone who appreciates his inherent abilities and charms, only to lose him in a bittersweet moment of self-sacrifice. The only confounding variables are that Steve Rogers is genuinely likeable and there is a lot more KickSplodeAction. But they both have ice, so it all works out

Sincerity is a lost gem of storytelling: Captain America is oozing with it and is so much more charming for it. It’s especially important given how easily the film could slip into jingoism, preaching or obnoxiousness. I loved that Captain America is the virgin superhero. Guys need heroes like that, because meaningless sex is too much set out as the be all and end all for them. School is depressing enough as it is without the belief that everyone but you is getting some and you don’t know how to dance.