Or so at least does my intention go. The planning of the pseudo-indie wedding commingling aside, I have a full dance card and I will force myself to get through it by way of public announcement (and therefore should I fail receive instead a public hiding). Also, the interests of others are involved, so reassurance is also the name of the game, to whit:

1. Artwork x 5
Five artworks are in need of my doing – ‘Cathy & Cian as Superheroes (possibly with Penguins)’; ‘Cute Girls and Bees’; ‘Guilt’; and two as-yet undefined jobs. Oh dear, oh dear – two of these I meant to have done last year (and I did prep sketches on a train to Westport to boot)! So, to the Demure Lemur and Evil Monk I apologise and offer the assurance that they will be taken care of immediately after I finish Cathy’s Big Prize For Fanciest Dress.

2. Master’s Proposal
Intent to land upon the lands of linguistics and information resource studies (with a glint in his eye shining at infographics…), I have a direction in mind and must now put pen and paper into commitment, paired with impressing the supervisor I have in mind with the project. Feeling both the elation of my recent MSAP test scores and the sting of a minor stumbling block, watch as I now throw myself into getting this right.

3. The Writing Projects
Three notions I have in mind, all of which have working titles. I have intentions towards the world of writing once more. Will these efforts be published? I do not know! Will they get made into shiny movies? Probably not! Will they get written? I say thee YES!

4. Comics
Because comics are awesome and I used to make a lot of them. Admittedly I thought they were better at the time than they actually were, but still.

5. Update my details with, er, many relevant parties…
Because it’s getting slightly ridiculous how many companies I have yet to notify about my moving house. And city. Last November. Will my insurance be okay? Were they worried that I wasn’t writing them back? Or do they think I’m looking at other policies behind their back? Man, they must think I’m such a corporate whore.

6. Work on my communication skills
I may be able to rock verbiage with the best of them in the written form (recent form notwithstanding), but when it comes to those insanely difficult and complex matters like, oh I don’t know, talking to be people, I tend to be suddenly far less than effective.

More To Do’s to be added as I think of them!