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Oh my science, there is now a Wedthing website! Did you know that it can be found here? Because it can be found there!

We have had a few people ask us about what exactly we were doing, in terms of the event, humanist ceremonies and the intricate goings-on of the afters. Where we’re disinclined to spill too much on the lattermost, we figured we should try to be as open as is possible in regards to everything else. Sending people to a blog called Turn My Brain Off would be considered an odd signal, apparently, so heads were together put and Olivia and Brian dot com was the result. It has a nicer ring to it, and garners far fewer askew glances from thither and hither.*

Olivia, having more free time than me lately, put it together while I directed and critiqued from my glorious tent far from the war zone. Also, I found the software she used to design it insane and head melting, so I dodged it like crazy. In my defence, I did build her a website for her thesis a few years back. But dang if she didn’t make it look right pretty. Feel free to have a look (and report any problems we have not yet caught…)

The site isn’t supplanting my occasional word flurries here: it’s more a way-station, information point and an easy way to get in touch as is needed for a more general audience (er, family mostly) than a spot for me to spin and tremble and comment as the need takes me. The site will be on the invites, and at worst all they will have to do is google our names (which, I hope, they already know). Since a lot of people will be travelling to attend the Big Day, our local knowledge is somewhat critical to make it easier for them to get both there and around. The only thing not yet up there that we know of is the date itself, since we are waiting on one final confirmation to cease its provisional status. Between now and then, I still have a few addresses for invites left to get, but then… BOOM!

Man, only two and a half months left. All and no time at all. How are you?

* We did look at trying to get Brian and Olivia dot com to cut down on vowelling issues, but it was not to be. Also, foreshortening it would have produced “B & O” or “B.O.”, both of which I was quite significantly against…

Starting next week will be a new thing on the blog that is this blog: The Art-Off!

Each Sunday afternoon, both myself and herself will be posting a new piece of art side-by-side. It can be interpreted in any way we choose: a portrait, an abstract, a comic, an ice sculpture, inks, pencils, pastels, whatever… Each piece will be based on the same theme or idea, and should you so choose, favour should be bestowed on the piece you prefer. Who ever gets the most yeas wins, chooses the following week’s theme and shall have right of mockery o’er the loser. If no one wins, we cry into our cupped and gnarled hands at the lack of attention we sorely crave and pick the next idea at random. Suggestions for themes are welcome, will go on a list and will almost certainly be done at some point. The only rules we will make is that the topic should be worksafe, since I maintain the vague idea that this blog is such (at least until I decide cursing is cool once more) and that any comments be made here rather than on Twitter or Facebook (as keeping track across multiple sites is a pain and I am lazy, to be honest).

Since I have a holdover request or two from Livejournal, you can expect to see the following very shortly: Cute Girls with Bees (for Dave Monk) and Guilt (for The Demure Lemur). It should be noted that Olivia has a degree in art and therefore I am more deserving of your pity and as a result your support. Vote Brian!

And with that, it is on.

[Disclaimer: the production of a poster I promised Very Lovely and Wonderful Patient People will not be disrupted by this endeavour. Theoretically, this will improve it!]

Gary Shore was in the year ahead of me in college, got all the girls and was generally the Fellow To Watch. I’d be seething in rage were he not, as the trailer above shows, overwhelmingly talented. He is also an utter gentleman: I was kind of a dick in college, so I can state assuredly that his friendly efforts speak volumes for his demeanour and fine mannerly threshold. As it stands, I shall be thoroughly envious of how well he is doing, which is as it should be.* Long story short, he is someone to watch; the very smart people already are paying close attention…

(* Success is something people should want and respect in others, so long as they are not being spiteful or mean-spirited about it. I’m jealous of a ridiculous number of people, but I also know they work a hell of a lot harder than I did or do and so deserve their success commensurately. Knowing Gary as much and as little as I do, I can say from past experience that he pushed himself to the hilt and then some, so fie on and balls to naysayers.)

Or so at least does my intention go. The planning of the pseudo-indie wedding commingling aside, I have a full dance card and I will force myself to get through it by way of public announcement (and therefore should I fail receive instead a public hiding). Also, the interests of others are involved, so reassurance is also the name of the game, to whit:

1. Artwork x 5
Five artworks are in need of my doing – ‘Cathy & Cian as Superheroes (possibly with Penguins)’; ‘Cute Girls and Bees’; ‘Guilt’; and two as-yet undefined jobs. Oh dear, oh dear – two of these I meant to have done last year (and I did prep sketches on a train to Westport to boot)! So, to the Demure Lemur and Evil Monk I apologise and offer the assurance that they will be taken care of immediately after I finish Cathy’s Big Prize For Fanciest Dress.

2. Master’s Proposal
Intent to land upon the lands of linguistics and information resource studies (with a glint in his eye shining at infographics…), I have a direction in mind and must now put pen and paper into commitment, paired with impressing the supervisor I have in mind with the project. Feeling both the elation of my recent MSAP test scores and the sting of a minor stumbling block, watch as I now throw myself into getting this right.

3. The Writing Projects
Three notions I have in mind, all of which have working titles. I have intentions towards the world of writing once more. Will these efforts be published? I do not know! Will they get made into shiny movies? Probably not! Will they get written? I say thee YES!

4. Comics
Because comics are awesome and I used to make a lot of them. Admittedly I thought they were better at the time than they actually were, but still.

5. Update my details with, er, many relevant parties…
Because it’s getting slightly ridiculous how many companies I have yet to notify about my moving house. And city. Last November. Will my insurance be okay? Were they worried that I wasn’t writing them back? Or do they think I’m looking at other policies behind their back? Man, they must think I’m such a corporate whore.

6. Work on my communication skills
I may be able to rock verbiage with the best of them in the written form (recent form notwithstanding), but when it comes to those insanely difficult and complex matters like, oh I don’t know, talking to be people, I tend to be suddenly far less than effective.

More To Do’s to be added as I think of them!

I was going to write an essay on the socialised structures of video games (two in fact – one within the fictitious game world story structure, character interaction and the potential for enhancement of immersion; the other looking at how we communicate socially in video games which is in no way spurred on by witnessing Olivia’s superficially weird silent gaming in Team Fortress 2), but then I was distracted by Doctor Who trailers and other such shiny things.

Instead, and because I have been more quiet than I would like, a plug for the sterling post-graduate works of my former sidekick and platonic partner in crime Claire, who is busy being a Creative: Phoney Productions, and their inaugural work, Drama Quinns…