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1. Blog more.

2. Blog at all.

3. Tumbl!

4. Drawr!

5. Finish my epic three game playthrough of Mass Effect 1 to 3 as a Paragon Broshep.

6. Play an epic three game playthrough of Mass Effect 1 to 3 as a renegade Femshep.

7. Explain to people that in number 7 I will not be romancing Garrus because that would be like flirting with a space bird version of myself, and while I like me I don’t like-like me. At least not that much.

8. Worry that I am okay with the grammar of the previous sentence. And this one.

9. Resume tidying the house and sorting through what I’m keeping and what’s going to the psychic and literal waste paper basket of doom.

10. Catch up on a lot of TV.

10a. Okay, really just Doctor Who.

And so another season of Doctor Who passes into the gentle night. Whenever I mention how much I like the series, either historically or presently, I always seem to run into the same question with the same boggled expression. “Why?” It’s fascinating. The show is generally just behind Eastenders in terms of ratings, and a major success as an international export – moreso than any other show the BBC makes – and yet I am somehow the odd person for enjoying it. It’s like I’m breaking a rule no one has told me about. “Yes, it’s on, but you’re not supposed to enjoy it. Are you mad?”

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More TV and movies! Will I stop this nonsense and talk about something else? Eventually!
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