Anecdotally*, there’s been a lot of grousing, kvetching and general complaining from men who have been to see and have subsequently been disgusted by Bridesmaids. Without getting into an epic rant about gender politics, I do have to wonder: have the guys who disliked Bridesmaids ever had an emotionally intimate relationship with a woman? Because there is a very sharp divide on that basis between the men I know who liked** and disliked it***.

* Or, if a single source would suffice, the Mark Kermode Film Review.

** For the record, I thought it was witty, sweet, painful and so much better than its competition by actually being about something, someone, and having the confidence to take a break from the yucks and giggles from time to time to have quiet moments of frustration and frazzlement.

*** Those who disliked it and enjoyed The Hangover and or obnoxious stoner brah! movies will be going to a special sort of hell if I ever get any cosmic say in matters final. I may have to console myself with the knowledge that they will never have sex.