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It begins! Sort of…

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Olivia is still a touch wrecked from last week (it’s a long story involving three days of a centrifugal funfair, two games of bowling destiny and what is either a strained set of intercostal muscles or cracked ribs), so in the interest of meeting what was set out to be done I present a black & white version of my contribution to the theme “Cute Girls with Bees”. Going against expectations (and I’m hoping that her natural cuteness will allay my lack of practice), there was only one cute girl for me. Anyone who doesn’t recognise Yotsuba is missing out, as she is the star of the single most adorable comic in the entirety of everything, Yotsuba&! (or Yotsuba to!, if we’re going to get phonic-fascist…)

No comic about a 4 year old discovering the world should be as entertaining as Yotsuba&! manages to be. She is hilarious and demented and selfish and completely loveable (her behaviour, I am told, is not dissimilar to that of a young Olivia Rohan; meanwhile I get compared to the kid from Where the Wild Things Are… Sigh.) The easiest way to define how pure and delightful Yotsuba is this: 4chan have stated that Yotsuba is the only exception to Rule 34, and they will crush anyone who goes against this ruling. That’s right, Yotsuba is the one thing so sweet and adorable that even freaking 4chan won’t try to sully it.

So please do try out Yotsuba&! It is the antidote to any bad mood and comes as one of the highest priority recommendations I can give. You will squee. Meanwhile, colourisation and Olivia’s contribution will follow.

(The theme “Cute Girls with Bees was suggested aaaaaaaages ago by Dave Monk. I had drawn something at the time, but never finished it because DRAMA! This is completely different to what was originally planned which was, looking back with jaded old-man eyes, a bit odd…)

I mentioned last week that myself and Olivia would have an Art-Off here and today at Turn Your Brain Off. Unfortunately, we also forgot that we had agreed to babysit her cousins this weekend, and child care services frown on putting the welfare of a blog and awesome drawings over that of tiny human people things. Oop and ack, oop and ack indeed!

So, er, yes. Our apologies to anyone who might have been looking forward to the grand return of my comic stylings. This should now debut next Sunday, provided our limbs and spines and whatnot have recovered…

Starting next week will be a new thing on the blog that is this blog: The Art-Off!

Each Sunday afternoon, both myself and herself will be posting a new piece of art side-by-side. It can be interpreted in any way we choose: a portrait, an abstract, a comic, an ice sculpture, inks, pencils, pastels, whatever… Each piece will be based on the same theme or idea, and should you so choose, favour should be bestowed on the piece you prefer. Who ever gets the most yeas wins, chooses the following week’s theme and shall have right of mockery o’er the loser. If no one wins, we cry into our cupped and gnarled hands at the lack of attention we sorely crave and pick the next idea at random. Suggestions for themes are welcome, will go on a list and will almost certainly be done at some point. The only rules we will make is that the topic should be worksafe, since I maintain the vague idea that this blog is such (at least until I decide cursing is cool once more) and that any comments be made here rather than on Twitter or Facebook (as keeping track across multiple sites is a pain and I am lazy, to be honest).

Since I have a holdover request or two from Livejournal, you can expect to see the following very shortly: Cute Girls with Bees (for Dave Monk) and Guilt (for The Demure Lemur). It should be noted that Olivia has a degree in art and therefore I am more deserving of your pity and as a result your support. Vote Brian!

And with that, it is on.

[Disclaimer: the production of a poster I promised Very Lovely and Wonderful Patient People will not be disrupted by this endeavour. Theoretically, this will improve it!]