(this will probably get updated every once in a while, so why not pop back to see if I’ve changed my mind about anything?)

Q. Who are you, mang?
A. Brian Caffrey, former media freelancing type (who is happy to resume that stuff, dear friendly reading editor!), middle-management captive, disability support team leader for third level students, and a soon to be former MSC research student. Right now I work for a very awesome company that I’m not mentioning because I know better thanks to the first few months of my telling people.


Q. That’s… a weird career trajectory. How did you get there?

A. Finishing college will not send you where you think it will unless you are very focused.


Q. You are unfocused?
A. I have the attention span of a jittery fruitfly with impulse control issues.


Q. That hasn’t answered the prior question…
A. After college, I bounced about in jovial, unplanned fashion and somehow ended up in middle management. I actually intend to tell that story some day, but since I hope to make money off of it, I won’t be spilling the beans here. Suffice it to say that opportunities came, were taken, went against me and chance beckoned. It was awesome, you should have been there.


Q. So what’s this blog about then?
A. More often than not it will be whatever comes to mind, but you can expect at the very least ramblings on movies, TV, video games, comics, travel, religion, and blah maybe?


Q. Didn’t you once upon a time argue like that very type of hat-dropping jerk?

A. Yes, and I am deeply aware of the irony pool that Historical Brian has forced me to swim in. He was a jerk and I’m pretty sure he marked his territory well., But as a traitor to the Loud-Mouthed Idiot cause, I know how they think and can crush them easily, so I like to think that it balances out.


Q. Can I ask you to blog about something?

A. If you’d like. I can’t promise I will, due to time if nothing else.


Q. What’s the weirdest thing you have ever been asked about your blogging?

A. If my then-girlfriend, now-wife, and at the time staple figure of old diary comic blog, was a real person or if I made her up.


Q. Do you like stuff?
A. I sure do.


Q. Can I recommend stuff to you?

A. Please do!