Ye sciences, I cannot believe it’s been over a year since I last posted here. Or that the most recent popular search terms used to find this blog were ‘superhero bondage, sexy librarian, empowered’. I should talk about Adam Warren’s work more often.

Surprisingly, this actually  ties into the thesis of the day (which is irony given that my Masters Thesis was an unintentional part of what killed my blogging habit). Finding time to write is more about managing your time and priorities than anything else, and that’s not difficult or even a bad thing. A lot of blog posts could benefit from being shorter (and under that bus I throw myself too). Nah, the bigger problem for me is the topics – classically, I either overthought and over-talked until dinosaurs returned to life and time itself came full circle, or I froze up at the feeling of not knowing enough about a topic to make a valid and reasoned discussion. A new blocker did however sneak in and rationalise an entire field out of discussion, which was pretty brutal given how my interests were shifting that way. TL;DR: as I work for A Big Technology Company whom I like very much, I didn’t want to cross the beams even slightly. We’ve seen Ghostbusters, we know how that works. Kaboom, man.

So lethargy set in – death of creativity, writer’s bane, the etc of vocabularies, etc. It didn’t help that this  was my rebound blog after things got boring on Livejournal, the community of which is trapped in amber within my mind as a perfect and unsullied thing without any flaws at all whatsoever don’t you dare say one word about it you monster. Now, imagine months of stupid thinking like that.

But grooves can be gotten back and purposes renewed. Otherwise movies would be shorter and the montage I went through before starting this post would be utterly wasted. I’m running two blogs, because I am nothing if not a glutton for punishment. That, and I really do want to get my writing muscles back in shape. I will be the hunk of the psychic beach once more!

  • Nerd Fu is the home of my comics & film theory discussion and a funkton of Tumblr rebloggery. It’s also where I’ll be talking about my secret comic project KOB – anyone who stuck around after I wrapped up the erratic yet long-running B-Sides webcomic should check that out.
  • Turn My Brain Off will get to be more specialised too – until now this has been a blog-of-all-trades, but since the comics chatter and movie flim-flam will be elsewhere this will live on as the less-updated but more personal space. The Japan Photo Bloggery will get finished in short order, for one thing, and following that it’ll be a place to look at topics that wouldn’t fit in with the Likely Silly.

Damn, I kind of wish I called the other blog Likely Silly now.

Anyhow – welcome and or welcome back. It’s not weird that I missed this, right?