1. Go to London and visit Claire.

2. Go to Westport and visit family.

3. Go to Dublin and visit Starbucks.

4. Feel bad about FemShep not being able to romance Tali BECAUSE TALI IS THE BEST.

5. Write the blog posts that have been my iPhone’s To Do list since January 2012. Seriously, that’s crazy town levels of procrastination, population cabbages.

6. Do something amazing for my bosses because they are amazing and not because there is the outside possibility that they may read this at some point. Those glorious and gorgeous golden gods and goddesses.

7. My Kiss Kiss Something Something Movie night on June 21st, because more people should have a double bill of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and a mystery movie. With drinking. Also kissing?

8. Another Kiss Kiss Something Something Movie night, because Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is awesome and should be watched every month of the year.

9. Start a new webcomic. Maybe. Comics are hard.

10. Stop writing these lists because otherwise I won’t finish the MSc and this will all be for nothing. Then weep for the lost hours of men and dwarves and elves as they face into the darkness of evil rising in the east because I also forgot to handle that whole One Ring scenario.