People this Christmas managed to get the term ‘food coma’ trending on Twitter. Lightweights and poseurs all – if a true food coma had happened, no tweeting until after the event could there have been. No, I have been to the land of the food coma and it is not this fair isle. Behold the 20+ course meal that greeted us on our arrival in Yudanaka and the Yoroduya Shiraiso!

Apple beef, people. If you have not had it, your life is that bit less for it. My favourite fruit and my favourite meat having sex in my mouth and my tongue videotaped every glorious moment of it. It’s a local delicacy perfected over the centuries and is reason enough alone to visit. My sickly brain may not have been capable of much that evening, but this bliss is recorded in high definition. The food was so good that I’m not sure if I was about to miss dessert, but it’s that rare occasion where I didn’t care.

Recuperative food coma GO!

We didn’t get pictures of our breakfast the next morning because the camera remained in our room while our memories abandoned us to the more important matter of eating a ridiculous amount of meat, fish, and rice. A similar problem hit when we went to Shibu Onsen (even though we got to have private booths for our gastronomic consumptives!), but when we got to Biyu no Yado…

Even better, because I had mentioned to Craig in passing that I was not keen on fish, he arranged for More Meat to be in my dining arrangements. A second dollop of apple beef? Oh Heaven, I’d almost believe in you after tasting food like this.


Olivia meanwhile got a mushroom tree.

Remember! As per the prior post, I am remaining product free to protect the environment!

Then breakfast hit! But after that, we ran out of our quota of exclamation marks and had to make do with ellipsis…

Our view with breakfast was just plum lovely too.

In retrospect, I’m not only amazed that we didn’t come back from Japan 13 stone heavier, I’m perplexed that we somehow lost weight.